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Buster Keaton’s Smile

Smile with Buster Keaton

The Great Stoneface Buster Keaton was a genius. A hundred years ago he was the founding father of visual comedy in the then new film industry. He was extremely popular through his gags and stunts, which he all did himself, often leading to major injuries, even more to even better scenes. While acting he kept […]

NAC BREDA versus Everybody


David Against Goliath Exactly 500 meters behind the Aalsmeerrunway of Schiphol Airport, one can see the football fields below where  the players of R.K.S.V. Pancratius play soccer almost every day. The planes accellerate over the runway and pull up over the sports fields to higher spheres. The club is named after 1 of the four […]

Lobanovskiy- Inventer of Football

Lobanovskiy-Father of Football

Total Football was invented in the Netherlands they say. By Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff back in the days. They led Ajax to 3 European Cups, and the Dutch national team to the World Cup finals of 1974.  Michels and Cruyff were the inventors. Real football fans know better. Some  2500 kilometres to the East, […]

Here Comes The Sun


Kroepoek When I was young I delivered the papers. Each house, in every street. When doing this long enough, I could save just enough money to buy one vinyl record. Sometimes I cycled 20km to a special record store where they had the best collection. Carefully cyling back, making sure the record did not end […]

Put The Needle Into The Groove

Get into the groove

[Chorus] Get into the groove Boy, you’ve got to prove Your love to me, yeah Get up on your feet Yeah, step to the beat Boy, what will it be?[Verse 2] Gonna get to know you in a special way This doesn’t happen to me every day Don’t try to hide it, love wears no […]