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Here Comes The Sun


When I was young I delivered the papers. Each house, in every street. When doing this long enough, I could save just enough money to buy one vinyl record. Sometimes I cycled 20km to a special record store where they had the best collection. Carefully cyling back, making sure the record did not end up between the spokes of the wheel. Once home I taped it on a cassette, that I could listen to when doing my paper tour. One time, I did not pay attention too well. After the recording I left the record in the sun, the whole disc got curved. The disc looked like kroepoek. It ruined my month.

Sun Sun Sun Here We Come

The Beatles always expressed hope and love, already a long time before the summer of love in 1967.  George Harrison was the most mellow but always conscious and spiritual. His song Here Comes The Sun is his opus magnum; it was used in many hospitals during the Covid era whenever a patient was released. Sun Sun Sun Here We Come!

Sun Records in Memphis

When you are near Memphis, visit SUN Records. You can walk the 2 miles when downtown. There is the record company where Elvis broke through, Johnny Cash, Jerry lee Lewis & Roy Orbison all signed here as well. It was owner Sam Philips who offered the King a contract. It is all there still, almost in that same fashion as way back then. With black tape on the floor it is depicted who stood where when Elvis made his first record in the recording studio downstairs. A great vision Sam had. He could play with sound forever. But he did not just copy. For Sam it had to be different, as otherwise you’re not doing anything at all. Originality at his best.


Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun King